2023 Fishing Report  

Check back here often to see what's biting!

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April 1

The Pier is opening for the season. Come on down and catch the first fish of the year. Get your picture on our Memorable Catches Page!

April 13

The fish are starting to bite! John reports that the first tautog, flounder and shad were caught today. And with the warm temperatures, the bite is sure to pick up.

April 24

The bite is picking up! Bob reports that shad and tautog were biting good on Saturday with dozens of fish caught. There were also a some skates and a few puffers caught. As the water warms, the bite should improve with the bluefish coming soon?  

May 10

 The shad bite is getting hot, sometimes catching doubles on a spec rig. The bluefish bite is getting better, and the tautog bite also picked up this week. And, don't forget that the tautog season is closed from May 16 through June 30. So, come on down and catch one now! 

May 21

 Now, the bluefish bite is getting hot, biting mostly on spec rigs and gotcha plugs, but some also biting on mullet and cut bait. Mixed in with the blues, John caught a Spanish mackerel.  Some tautog are still biting; however, you can't keep them now that the season is closed until July. And, some sizable rays are also being caught!

June 6

 Lots of shad still biting in the daytime and especially at night under the lights. Some bluefish in the mix with the shad, some up to 20 inch. And the flounder bite is picking up and should improve with the nice weather in the forecast. Also, some puffers biting. Come on down!

June 14

 John reports that the bluefish are still here, along with the shad and some rockfish. Now in the mix, we're seeing more flounder, some sheepshead and triggerfish, and some small seabass.

June 23

 Bob reports that although the fishing slowed down a bit for a few days because of the weather, some bluefish, oyster toadfish, seabass and flounder  continued to bite. Although they still can't be kept, there were several tautog also caught; their season reopens on July 1. There were also quite a few large cownose rays caught.

July 15

 John reports a variety of fish biting on the Pier including blues, rockfish, kingfish, spot, flounder and sea robins ... AND ... Check out the shark Joe caught on our Memorable Catches page.

Sept 20

 Bob reports lots of spot biting in the daytime on small hooks with bloodworms or fishbites.  And, the spot are making great bait for the flounder that are biting now as they begin to leave the bay. The flounder also love that Gulp! Night fishing has been best for snapper blues and hickory shad. Fall fishing is about to begin ... Come on down!

Sept 26

 Fall fishing is underway!  John reports some nice keepers this week, including flounder, sheepshead, tautog and black drum. Check out our Memorable Catches page and then come on down and get in on the action.

Oct 7

 Fall fishing is is getting hot!  John reports that the tautog and the flounder bite really picked up this week. There were some nice keeper flounder. And, John caught a nice triggerfish in the mix. The flounder bite should continue as they continue their exit from the bay; and we should soon be seeing some keeper tautog as the water temperature cools.

Oct 20

 Bob reports that the keepers keep coming. A few nice keeper tautog were caught this past week, and several nice keeper flounder have also been caught . Fall fishing is looking good!  And, in between the keepers were some snapper blues, a few shad, some spot, pinfish and seabass ... not to mention a huge ray that looked like it was smiling for the picture. Check out the Memorable Catches Page.

Oct 30

 Bob reports a few more nice keeper flounder and tautog were caught this past week. Lots of pinfish and some spot are still biting, and they make great bait for the flounder. And there were still some shad biting after dark.

Nov 18

 Bob reports lots of tautog biting this past week, although keepers were hard to come by. There were also lots of spiny dogfish caught on cut bait. The dogfish are actually good eating if bled and cleaned immediately after being caught.  The Pier is closing fore the season tomorrow, November 19. Hope to see you all back in the spring!