2021 Fishing Report  

Check back here often to see what's biting!

March 30 - The Pier just opened this past weekend; and, the water is still very cold ... BUT, the fish are already biting. We already caught a few nice tautog and also the first bluefish of the year.
April 1 - - The Pier has only been open for a few days.. BUT, the fish continue biting. The short stripers have joined in the action, along with the tautog. And, of course, there is always skates being caught this time of year. Come on down!
April 12 - - Lots of short stripers have been biting on bait and lures. Tautog continue to bite on sand fleas and shrimp, and there have been a few nice keepers in the mix. Still plenty of skates being caught ... and a SHARK! 
April 21 - Bear reports short stripers, puffers, sea robins and skates. Also, the shad are starting and the first bluefish were caught. As the water temperature rises, the bite should get even better!
May 2 - Bob reports lots of fun this past week before the wicked winds on Friday. Literally hundreds of hickory shad were caught, often 2 at a time! See some happy anglers on our Memorable Catches Page. Also, a couple of blues, an occasional striper, the first two weakfish ... and of course, always some skates and horseshoe crabs.
May 9 - The shad are still biting very well; all you need is a spec rig. The bluefish bite is starting to pick up. And, Brody and Brayten caught the first flounder on the Pier this year on a bucktail. The fishing should get even better as the water temperature continues to rise.
May 17 - Bob reports that hundreds of shad were caught last week ... and are continuing to be caught ... particularly on the incoming tide, and especially using spec rigs. The bluefish bite is definately picking up, and there are also some short stripers in the mix. We're still hopeful that some of those big blues from the past will be returning soon!
May 20 - Shaun reports a nice 26" striper caught this week, along with a number of keeper blues, shad, skates, rays and pufferfish! Plenty of action to keep everyone happy.
May 28 - Bob again reports that hundreds of shad are still being caught, and there are more bluefish continuing to show up in the mix ... including a few big ones! There have also been a few large cownose rays caught this past week, and one angler was lucky enough to net and land one.
June 7 - Shaun reports that they have been catching flounder, shad, kingfish, rockfish, croakers, skates and cownose rays.
June 15 - Bob reports that early last week on the incoming tide, there were lots of shad still being caught, often two at a time! There were also a few blues around and quite a few flounder being caught, but mostly shorts. A couple of anglers had some long hard battles with some rays. And, on Sunday, Chrissie caught a nice tautog, and Charlie from Great Falls, VA caught a beautiful 23" speckled seatrout. (see our Memorable Catches Page!).
June 26 - Bear reports lots of different fish being caught on the Pier. Flounder, croaker, kingfish, sea bass, spanish mackerel and a lot of spot! Squid with shiners working well for the flounder. Blood worms and fishbites working well for the small fish. Speck rigs working too!  The kids are havinga a blast!

July 8 - Bear reports flounder, rockfish, Spanish mackerel, blues, and shad being caught this month. And, the kids are still having a lot of fun catching spot and seabass!

August 25 - Bob reports that despite the really hot weather, some fish were still biting at the Pier. In the daytime, it was mostly flounder, croakers, spot and seabass. At night, Shaun reports there were at least 20-25 5-foot or larger sharks caught the previous week. They were mostly caught on bunker, mullet, mackerel and cut croaker.
(see our Memorable Catches Page for some recent pictures !)

September 1 - Shaun reports that anglers have been catching flounder, sea robins, seabass, spot ... and even some spanish mackerel. But, most excitedly,there have again been sharks caught at night ... 11 on Monday night and a few more on Tuesday.

September 19 - Shaun reports that the shad, sheepshead and tautog bite is picking up. And, over the past few days, there were several spanish mackerel and a couple of amberjacks caught. Fall fishing should be picking up as the water starts to cool down. Come on down!

September 24 - Bob reports a variety of fish being caught the past few days: Lots of spot and seabass, sand perch, some croakers, flounder, shad, bluefish, seatrout ... and again some amberjacks. Water temperatures still in mid 70s; cooler water and bigger fish are coming soon.

October 3 - Shaun reports lots of flounder (including some nice keepers up to 20"), red drum, tautog, weakfish, speckled trout, triggerfish, and of course still plenty of sea bass . Fall fishing is underway. Come on down !!!

October 8 - Bob reports that fall fishing has begun! Over the past few days, we've had a good mix of fish .... and a good number of keepers. Flounder, tautog, puppy drum, bluefish and hickory shad. And, now it looks like the sheepshead bite is starting. Check out our Memorable Catches Page! 
The Pier is no longer open 24 hours on weekends; it is now open from 7 AM to midnight daily.

October 17 - John reports that black fish (tautog), red drum, black drum, rockfish , seatrout, spot and sea bass are being caught on the Pier. 
The new hours effective today are 8 AM to 10 PM daily!

October 25 - Bob reports a good week of fall fishing. Flounder, black drum, bluefish, shad, and lots of tautog. The tautog are loving those sand fleas and the Pier just got a new supply. And, of course, spot and sea bass are still in the mix. 

October 31 - John reports that the tautog bite continues to improve with more keepers. And, they love the live sand fleas and green crabs that we have, so come on down and catch one!

November 7 - Shaun reports mostly tautog and sheepshead being caught, with a few flounder still mixed in. Getting colder ... so come on down now!

November 11 - Bob reports that the cooler water temperatures are improving the tautog, red drum and black drum bite. And, there are still a few flounder being caught also. The Pier will now only be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM until 8 PM. The remaining season is getting short. Come on down!!!