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 April  15  -  The tautog are already biting on the Pier.  Chrissy has already caught a few 18 inchers.  And that's some good eating!

 May  5  -    Tautog, several seatrout, 3 Bluefish up to 20", and a whole bunch of shad close to 20".  That's the report from Howard and his son Harrison. 
 May  18  -    Tautog, , flounder, shad and bluefish still biting this past week. And, of course, some skates! 
 May  25  -    Howard again provided the holiday weekend fishing report:  Tautog, shad, spot, flounder, bluefish and northern kingfish were biting .   See our Memorable Catches Page
 June  24  - Still lots of the same:  a few tautog, of course shad,  more flounder and lots of bluefish, especially on the incoming tide in the evening.
 July  15  - Lots of action on the Pier these days ... flounder, bluefsih, croakers and seabass.  During the daytime, the best baits have been minnows, bloodworms, gulp and squid.  At night, anglers have been most succesful using lures ... especially spec rigs and gotcha plugs.
 August  8  -  Chris reports lots of small flounder being caught in the daytime, with some real nice keepers mixed in.  Check out the 20 inch flounder caught by Brian on our Memorable Cathes Page.  Night action has mostly bluefish.  Other daytime fun for the kids with seabass, spot and a few croakers.
 September  8  -  Chris again reports flounder and tautog being caught in the daytime, with a few nice keepers mixed in.  Night action has again been mostly bluefish.  Lots of spot being caught also ... fun for the kids, good to eat, and good bait for big flounder .
 September  29  -  Fall fishing is underway!  Howard reports seatrout, bluefish, tautog and lots of flounder!  And, there are still plenty of seabass around and some shad. 
 October  17  -  The tautog bite continues to improve as the water temperature cools down.  And, Dave reports that we're also catching flounder, black drum, seatrout, seabass and spot. Come on down and enjoy some fall fishing!
October  28  -  Chris reports that fishing is really good!  Catching tog, flounder, stripers, sea bass, black drum and red drum!
November  9  -  Bob reports the weather has been amazing ... and the fishing has been good!  Lots of tautog, a nice puppy drum, still some flounder, some small seabass, and a few dogfish.  Check out our Memorable Catches Page!
The Pier is now closed for the season!

Come on back in the Spring !

As long as you're here, check out the fishing reports from previous years , so you can see what to expect ... and when to expect the action to start.









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