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April 10 -   Finally, the skates have started to bite!  Hopefully, some tautog and shad will be starting soon. (Maybe even some stripers!)

April  14  -  The first tautog were caught on the pier today along with some skates.  The water temperature in the inlet is warming up a bit every day; so, it can't be long now until the fishing really picks up!

April  20  -  The first flounder and bluefish were caught today.  Check out our Memorable Catches Page.  Things are starting to look up!

April  28  -  The water is starting to warm up and the fishing is turning on!  Over the weekend, we caught a few keeper flounder, lots of shad, several short stripers, a couple of bluefish and tautog, and some blowfish. One angler also reportedly caught the first trout of the year!

May  5  -  More winds means less anglers, but those who tried did OK.  One keeper striper got hooked, but it got away. Quite a few tautog were caught this past week, but most were just a tad short.  There were a couple of keeper flounder and lots of blowfish.  There were also quite a bit of shad and a few nice bluefish.  And, of course .... skates.

May  12  -  Shad, blowfish, tautog, a few short flounder, a couple of short stripers, and several nice bluefish were caught this past weekend.  The water temperature is coming up ... so the bluefish should be blitzing the bay any day now!

May  19  -  No bluefish blitz yet ... but, some pretty good fishing this past week.  The first nice trout (21 inches) was landed on the pier on Friday night (see our Memorable Catches page).  And, there were also some nice bluefish, a few short stripers, some tautog, shad and a few short flounder.

May  28  -  Wind ... wind ... and more wind this Memorial Day Weekend!  Although there was not a ton of fish caught, there were certainly some nice sized flounder and bluefish landed.  There were also some shad and some tautog.  With the wind going down and the warm temperatures ahead, the fishing for next weekend is definitely looking up!

June  3  -  This may be the year of the trout-comeback!  J.J. reports that over a hundred trout were caught on the Pier on Thursday night - one angler alone caught 40.  However, most were just under keeper size (13"); but, you can only keep one anyway!  Friday, the trout bite dropped off, but the bluefish bite picked up.  Unfortunately, the wind made a comeback for the weekend; but, there were still a few flounder and tautog --- and, of course, some rays and skates.

June  12  -  J.J.again reports that shad, bluefish and flounder continue to bite, along with plenty of skates and a few seatrout.

June  18  -  Quite a variety of fish were caught on the Pier this week ... including shad, blues, some seatrout and even the first round of croakers.  In addition, the first triggerfish of the year was caught.  And, some of the summer-like fishing is starting, including some small seabass and some spot.

June  30  -  J.J. reports some good fishing.  There were some nice keeper flounder (see Memorable Catches Page), consistent seatrout at night, and also some blues, croaker, seabass and spot.  Come on down!!!

July  7  -  J.J. again reports some good fishing for flounder, seatrout, and bluefish, along with some croaker, spot, and small sea bass for the kids.   AND, the first red puppy drum were caught this past week.  Here's hoping for another year as good as last year for puppy drum!

July  16  -  J.J. reports another good week of fishing with red and black drum, flounder, trout, some blues and some croaker.  There were a few keeper tautog caught from the east end of the pier; and, some short stripers caught under the lights.

July  31  -  It was a good week for flounder.  There were some good runs of croaker, some very good nights for trout; and, the shad and blues also picked up a bit at night. Also, there were plenty of spot, sea bass and other small fish to keep the kids happy.

August  14  - Yet another good week for flounder, with some very nice keepers. Other daytime catches included croaker and kingfish, plus small seabass for the kids.  There have been some really good nights for seatrout again, including some nice keepers (one was 25 inches!).  Blues and shad also continue to bite at night under the lights.    Come on down!

August  28  -  It was a good week for some bigger trout and bluefish.  One trout was 22 inches!  Still lots of flounder caught this week, but only a few keepers. There were also a couple of sharks, some croakers and a few short stripers; plus lots of spot for the kids (or for great bait)!

September  3  -  Trout fishing at night under the lights has been great!  And, again .... loads of flounder, but only a few keepers. One angler caught and released more than 75 flounder over a 4 day span.   Like last year, the red drum are back, some up to 20 inches.  In the daytime, there have also been some large spot, some croakers and tons of little sea bass and small bluefish.

September  16  -  Still a mixed bag of action on the pier.  A few red drum, nice big 10-12" spot, croakers up to 18", some trout 10-16", a few tautog ... plus small blues and shad at night under the lights.

September  26  -  We did catch some short stripers last week .... and one keeper ... at 28 inches!  Quite a few flounder, but mostly shorts.  There were still some large spot and croakers, plus lots of small bluefish.  Also, some trout  last weekend and a few puppy drum!

October  2  -  There were some nice keeper flounder last week, 18-24 inches. There were still lots of big spot, a few red and black drum, some small blues and shad, and a few nice trout.

October  8  -  It was a beautiful weekend for fishing on the pier.  A few nice keeper flounder; a few keeper trout; a short striper; quite a bit of shad and snapper blues at night; and, some spot, porgies and seabass in the daytime.  Two anglers from New Jersey caught 75 fish on Sunday!
Check out some new pictures on our Memorable Catches Page.

October  14  -  That Northeastern sure didn't help fishing at the pier (or anywhere else) this past week.  Before the wind picked up, we were catching some flounder, trout, snapper blues, spot, and small sea bass. Weather should be improving and the tides should be good by the end of the week.

October  22  -  Although the water was still quite dirty, there were lots of tautog caught, including several nice size keepers!  There were also some flounder, large spot and trout.  AND ... a rather unusual catch from the pier .... and octopus!  See our Memorable Catches Page.

October  29  -  As the water temperature cools, the tautog bite continues to improve.  And, we're also still getting some flounder as they start to leave the bay.  We probably won't be open much longer .... so, come on down!

November  6  -  Tautog are biting pretty good and there are still some shad being caught.  We're only open on weekends now!

November  12  -  Tautog were still biting pretty good over last weekend on green crabs and sand fleas.  There was a 5+ pound, 20 inch tog caught on Saturday.

November  19  -  We were still catching some tautog last weekend. 



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