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April  12 .  J.J. reports that some tautog and skates were caught this past week.  As soon as the water warms up a bit, the shad and blues should be starting.

April  19  -  J.J. reports that fishing may be picking up.  A few more tautog were caught this week, one short striper , and the first bluefish .... but it got away.

April  25  -  J.J. reports that the first flounder was caught this past weekend. Tautog fishing continues to improve and there were lots of skates. The blues should be running very soon.  Weather permitting. the pier will be turning on the lights this weekend.

May  3  -  J.J. reports the most amazing night of rockfish that the pier has seen in 17 years. On Friday night, the first night the lights were turned on, the bite started with a very good catch of shad.  At about 8:30, the first rockfish was caught; and then the striper action continued for the next 3 hours.  There were 18 keepers over 35-inches and 4 over 44-inches ...  and many more broke off.  The next night, very late at the end of the tide, six more keeper stripers were caught!  Don't miss our pictures on the Memorable Catches page!

May  10  -  It would take a lot to try to top last week's rockfish bonanza.  J.J. reports that the flounder bite is definitely improving from the pier; however .... still no keepers!  The high winds this past weekend seriously limited the fishing.  But, earlier in the week,  anglers were catching some skates, snapper blues and some nice tautog.  One angler caught an 26-inch black drum on cut bunker (see our Memorable Catches page!)

May  17  -  J.J. reports that the shad and the blues are here.  Night fishing was good just about every night for shad, blues and even a few short stripers. One keeper 30-inch striper was caught on Saturday in the daytime.  Tautog fishing is still pretty good with a couple of keepers caught on Saturday. Several flounder were also caught and released ... but no "keepers" yet! 

May  24  -  Fishing has been great!  Finally, there were a few keeper flounder caught on the pier this past week, along with a few keeper tautog.  And there were loads of bluefish and shad just about every night ... and plenty even in the daytime.  Also, three nice rockfish were caught on Saturday night, and the first two sea trout of the year.

May  31  -  J.J. reports another good week of fishing.  There were still loads of blues and shad under the lights at night, and even a few stripers were caught on some nights.  The flounder and  tautog bite also continues to improve in the daytime.

June  7  -  J.J. reports yet another good week of fishing despite the later tides.  Again, there were loads of blues and shad at night, but the striper bite dropped off.  Flounder fishing continues to improve in the daytime.

June  14  -  J.J. again reports good flounder fishing this week, especially over the weekend.. Blues and shad are still biting well at night under the lights.  And, as the water temperature continues to rise, small sea bass that the kids love to catch have started to bite.

June  21`  -  J.J. reports yet another week of good fishing. The flounder bite continues to improve with a few more keepers. Night fishing for bluefish and shad was great some nights and slower on others.  And, the small sea bass continue to keep the kids happy.

June  28  -  J.J. again reports another week of good fishing.  More blues ... more shad ...and an occasional striper.  Daytime flounder fishing continues, again with a few keepers.  And small sea bass fun for the kids is still a great time.

July  5  -  J.J. reports lots of small flounder biting in the daytime with several nice keepers. As usual for this time of year, there are plenty of little sea bass that the kids enjoy catching. And still, under the lights at night, there were some good runs of blues and shad.

July  12  -  J.J. reports another good week of fishing. There are loads of little flounder biting in the daytime with several keepers reported this week. Some nights had good runs of blues and shad. There were also some sting rays biting from the pier this weekAnd, little sea bass continue biting for the kids fishing with worms.  

July  19  -  J.J. continues to report another good week of fishing. There are a loads of small flounder, but few keepers. We did have one keeper on Wednesday and four on Thursday. Some blues and shad continue to bite at night; and a few small trout were caught as well.  There's still plenty of little sea bass for the kids to catch in the daytime and some croaker are starting to show up.  Some significant croaker runs should be happening any day.

July  26  -  J.J. reports good  fishing again this week. There were a few unusual fish caught on the pier this week, including a monk fish, some star gazers .... and even a sea horse.  A few keeper flounder are being caught ever day among dozens of throwbacks.  Bluefish and shad are still biting at night.  And, of course, still plenty of little sea bass for the kids.

August  2  -  J.J. reports yet another good week of fishing. Loads of flounder were caught this week again, with some keepers and many throw backs. A few croaker were caught this week, but again the big croaker run hasn't happened yetThere's still some blues and shad biting at night .... and lots of small sea bass biting in the daytime.

August  9  -  J.J. reports  a good week again this week. There are still lots of flounder with a few  keepers.  There were still lots of little sea bass and a few croakers.  There were also still some blues and shad at night under the lights. One new development ... some blue claw crabs are now being caught on the pier for the first time in quite a few years. Come on down !!!

August  16  -  J.J. reports still another good week of fishing. Lots of flounder are being caught with a few keepers caught every day. A "short" striper was caught on Saturday night along with some blues and shad. A few croaker are being caught but no big run yetStill  lots of little sea bass and sea robins for the kids to catch ... and still some blue crabs on the pier this year.

August  23-  J.J. reports even more flounder this week ... and more keepers.  On one day, we had seven keepers; including a 22 inch flounder caught in a crab basket.  Some small bluefish and some croakers were caught at night under the lights.  There were even more blue crabs caught on the pier this week; one man had 25 keepers.

August  30  -  J.J. again reports a lot of flounder with a few keepers every day.  Nighttime bluefish action has improved this week and some small sea trout were also caught. There's still plenty  of small sea bass and sea robins for the kids.

September  6  -  Despite the bad weather with Hurricane Earl, J.J. reports lots of flounder and some of the best bluefish action in months.  Sunday morning produced a run of croaker as well.  And, interestingly, some jack cravels were caught (more common to the southern Atlantic coast)

September  13  -  J.J. again reports some good flounder fishing, with a couple of keepers almost every day.  Some blues are biting in the daytime and at night, and a few shad are also still biting at night.  As always, still plenty of small sea bass and sea robins.  As the water temperature drops, the fishing should even improve.

September  20  -  J.J. reports good flounder fishing, but more small ones this week.   Some larger bluefish have been biting early in the morning; and, smaller blues and shad are biting at night under the lights.  Tautog action is starting to pick upon ... mostly shorts, but a few keepers mixed in.  Still plenty of small sea bass and sea robins.

September  27  -  J.J. reports fair flounder fishing this week, but still a few keepers.  Snapper blues have still been biting on some nights.  Tautog fishing is continuing to pick up using green crabs and sand fleas.  The number of keepers should pick up as the water temperature drops.

October  4  -  J.J. again reports a few keeper flounder caught this weekSome snapper blues have been biting under the lights at night.  And, tautog fishing has been fair this week and should continue to improve as the water cools.

October  11 -  J.J. reports lots of short flounder this week, but few keepers. However, the  tautog fishing has improved considerably , with many keepers averaging 15 to 18 inches.  There were still a few snapper blues around, but less consistent than previously.  There are still plenty of small sea bass biting.

October  18  -  J.J. reports a great week for keeper tautog on the pier with twenty caught on one day.  Mixed in with the tog were a few trigger fish and sheepshead.  There were still a few keeper flounder and some snapper blues were still around. 

October  25  -  J.J. reports another exceptional week of keeper tautog from the pier. One of our regular tautog fisherman, Frank, caught 12 keepers on one day .... however, he could only keep two.  Again, there were some trigger fish and sheepshead mixed in with the tautog.  Flounder fishing picked up a bit on Sunday and there was still some night action on tiny blues and shad.

November  1  -  J.J. reports more keeper tautog from the east end of the pier again this past week, but not quite as many as last week. Cold windy weather kept many anglers away.  There were still some small flounder caught this past week, but no keepers. The pier will now be open only on Fridays through Sundays from 8 AM until midnight, weather permitting.

November  8  -  J.J. reports another banner week of tautog. Although there were still a number of shorts just under the size limit of 14", there were plenty of keepers, averaging over 16".  Green crabs or sand fleas are the best bait.

November  15  -  J.J. reports that, as in most of Ocean City last week, tautog was the only action on the pier over the weekend.  As the tides improve this coming week, fishing action should improve next weekend. 

November  22  -  J.J. again reports continued tautog action on the pier this past weekend.  Next weekend will probably be our last weekend of the season, so .... Come on Down !!!

As long as you're here, check out the fishing reports from previous years , so you can see what to expect ... and when to expect the action to start.









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