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April  4  -  J.J. reports mostly skates on the pier this past week.

April  13  -  J.J. reports mostly skates with a couple of tautog caught near the end of the pier.  Since the weather is supposed to improve this coming weekend, we'll be putting the lights on.  Come on down!

April  20  -   J.J. again reports mostly skates with a couple of tautog caught at the end of the pier by the rocks. With the great weather forecast for the weekend, the shad should be starting ....  and maybe even the first blues?

April  27  -  J.J. reports lots of skates, a few short flounder, and several keeper tautog.  The first shad were also caught this week .... with many more to come!

May  4  -  J.J. reports a good run of shad finally hit the pier on Saturday night. Although there are still lots of skates, the tautog and flounder fishing has improved this past week, including several keepers.

May  11  -  J.J. reports some good fishing on the pier over the weekendSeveral flounder were caught; and a 33 inch striper was landed on Friday night. Loads of shad were caught under the lights at night; and there were the first couple of bluefish caught on bait during the day. 

May  18  -  J.J. reports lots of fish caught on the pier this past week.  Loads of shad and blues blitzed the pier on several days.  A few more keeper flounder and another keeper rockfish was also caught.  Check out some new pictures on our "Memorable Catches" page.  The pier is now open 24 hours!

May  25  -  J.J. reports another good week of fishing.  In the daytime, bluefish, flounder, tautog, and
skates kept us busy.  At night, there were lots of shad and blues in the 12-16 inch range.  Only Friday night fishing was a bit slower when a school of big rays came in.

June  1  -  J.J. continues to report shad and blues at night; and, some big rays have also been around.  Daytime fishing continues to produce some flounder and a good number of tautog by the rocks.

June  8  -  J.J. reports tons of shad and blues at night.  The bluefish were running bigger this week, but the flounder bite was not quite as good as last week.   with some anglers getting their limit.

June  15  -  J.J. reports a lot more flounder caught this past week, but only a few keepers.  There continues to be loads of shad mixed in with blues at night under the lights.  Also, tautog continue to bite by the rocks but keepers are harder to come by.

June  22  -  J.J. reports that the tautog fishing improved this week with a few more keepers.  It was also a pretty good week for flounder.  However, the best fishing was at night with lots of blues and shad.  In  the daytime, small sea bass and spot summer fishing for the kids is also just starting.

June  29  -  J.J. reports another good week on flounder including some really nice keepers on Sunday. There are still a  few tautog being caught from the end of the pier; and, bluefish and shad continue been biting at night. Also, the first croakers were caught this week.

July  6  -  J.J. reports another good week for flounder with quite a few keepers.   Night fishing has been producing bluefish and croakers.  Tautog fishing in the daytime is slowing down and the fish are also getting smaller.  The trout are overdue!

July  13  -  J.J. reports yet another good week for flounder with some nice keepers.   Bluefish and shad continue   biting at night.  Along with the small sea bass for the kids, there were quite a bit of spot caught this past week .
The only thing still missing is the trout?

July  20  -  J.J. again reports lots of flounder, but less keepers than last week. Tautog fishing continues to slow down as the water warms. Still plenty of spot and sea bass for the kids.  The late tide slowed the bluefish and shad action, which should pick up again next week.  We're still waiting for the trout!!!

July  27  -  J.J. still reports a good week on flounder; lots of throwbacks, but some nice keepers.  Bluefish and shad fishing was pretty good most nights; but when it did slack off, the croaker action picked up.  As always this time of year, there were plenty of spot and little sea bass for the kids.  BUT STILL .....  NO TROUT!!!!

August  3  -  J.J. reports a very good week on flounder and croaker.   .... lots of fish!  Bluefish and shad fishing at night was about the same as last week.  Small bottom fish for the kids are still plentiful.
But ... Oh Trout ... where art thou???


August  10  -  J.J. reports another great week on flounder with 5 keepers over 23 inches on Wednesday and Thursday.  Shad, bluefish and croaker action was sporadic this week.  Spot and small sea bass action for the kids was still great.  Trout .....   what trout?

August  17  -  J.J. reports yet another good week on flounder.  The croaker and blues bite under the lights at night also improved this week.  And as usual, lots of spot, sea bass and sea robins in the daytime for the
kids to catch. 

August  24  -  J.J. reports a fantastic week of fishing on the pier.  There were record amounts of flounder, including many large fish.  And, croaker fishing was probably the best that the pier has seen in the past 14 years.  Saturday morning was non-stop croaker action with some fish up to 20 inches.  Night fishing was also good this week, mostly with bluefish.  Don't miss the action ....  Come on Down !!!

August  31  -  J.J. reports another very good week on fishing with lots of bluefish and flounder.  Although most of the flounder were small, there were still some large keepers mixed in, including one that topped the scales at over eight pounds.  Tautog fishing is starting to pick up, and we should see larger fish as the water temperature starts to drop.  Also, there are still plenty of spot and small sea bass for the kids to catch.

September  7  -  J.J. reports more good fishing this week. On Sunday four nice flounder were caught: a 23-inch, a 21-inch, and two 19-inchers. Also in the daytime, some larger tautog were caught this week.  Night action was good on bluefish, shad and some croakers. And, again, there are still plenty of spot and small sea bass.

September  14  -  J.J. reports some good catches of flounder and tautog this weekend. (He reminds all anglers that the flounder season is now closed in Maryland until next year.)  Night fishing was still productive for bluefish and croakers.  Even when the wind picked up, the action on the pier continued with skates and sharks.

September  28  -  J.J. reports lots of flounder this week, including several really large fish (over 25"), but since the season closed on flounder the prior week, they were all "catch and release".  Tautog fishing is improving with more keepers this week than previously, and this should continue to improve as the water temperature drops.  There were also some shad and bluefish at night under the lights, but less than the previous week.

October  5  -  J.J. reports some of the best flounder fishing ever on the pier.  Unfortunately, they are all "catch and release" due to the closed flounder season.  Take a picture .... it will last  forever!  The tautog bite is improving on the slack tide as the water continues to get cooler.  Some blues and an occasional shad are still biting at night.   Come on down; the pier will probably only be open for another month or so. 

October  12  -  J.J. reports improving  tautog fishing with some keepers being caught every day. Flounder fishing again has been great, but they go back to grow even bigger for next season.  Snapper blues were biting in the afternoon and little sea bass were biting for the kids.  Some blues were also biting at night under the lights.

October  19  -  J.J. reports improved tautog fishing with a lot more keepers until the weekend weather was overcome by those storms.  Before the two storms hit, we also had some small blues and some flounder releases.

October  26  -  J.J. reports even better tautog fishing this week than last week with a good amount of keepers. They're biting on both the incoming and outgoing tide by the rocks near the end of the pier.  Some snapper blues have also been biting.  The pier has limited hours now.  Call for our hours at 410-289-2602.

November  2  -  Richard reports yet another improved week of tautog fishing and more "gotta throw them back" flounder.  The pier will only be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays now for the rest of November.

November  9  -  Richard reports some very good tautog fishing. There was more action again this week with some bluefish and flounder; plus some more of those "we hate to throw them back" flounder.  Again, don't forget, the pier will only be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays now for the rest of November.

November  16  -  The Pier was unable to open until Sunday afternoon because of the street flooding in the area from the storm surge. Since the pier was only open for a short time on Sunday, there was not much catching except for some tautog.  Again, don't forget, the pier will only be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays now for the rest of November.

November  23  -  Richard reports some good tautog fishing on Sunday.   Some "short" stripers were caught on Saturday.  The pier will be open Friday through Sunday over the Thanksgiving Weekend.  Come on down .... this may be the last weekend that the pier is open.

As long as you're here, check out the fishing reports from previous years , so you can see what to expect ... and when to expect the action to start.









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