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April 28 & 29 - Shad, Shad and more Shad ....with some nice size Blues for good measure.  Even a few flounder.

April 30 & May 1 - Although the winds were whipping, it sure didn't hurt the fishing!  The first seatrout of the season visited the Pier.    One angler from New Jersey caught 15 trout under the lights over the two days.

May 4 - Every person on the pier caught their limit of trout in the 15-25 inch size.  This is very impressive for this time of year.   Spec rigs and Gotcha plugs were the lures of choice.

May 5 & 6 - The trout are still here ; however, they were joined by some bluefish and plenty of shad.  The fishing has been great .... and should get even better as we get some warmer weather!

May 7 - 11  - Although the trout slowed down a bit, the Pier reported some nice sized flounder over the weekend. There was also a surprising number of blowfish.

May 12 - 17  -  The trout are back in a big way.   Over the past few days, on the outgoing tide at night, many anglers were well into double-digit trout.  Although, keepers were running about 1 out of 3, some folks are in for some good eatin!  Amidst the flurry of trout, Eddie Romero of Bishopsville, MD caught a 32 inch, 10 pound bluefish!

May 18 - 25  - The  Pier had good evening fishing this week and also over the weekend. The trout tended to run larger over the weekend. The trout were taking Gotcha Plugs. There were also some big bluefish up to 37inches taken on cut herring or Gotcha Plugs. There were a few  short stripers (no keepers) and lots of shad releases. Saturday saw 10 keeper flounder on the pier.   However, some anglers caught only skates because of the still cool water temperatures.  

May 26 - 31  - Again trout and Gotcha plugs were a good combination.  Mixed in were some nice sized blues.  And, when the keeper fishing slowed down, there were plenty of shad around to keep our anglers busy and happy!   Plus, the fishing should get even better over the next few days with the incoming tide in the evening.

June 1 - 3  - The incoming tides under the lights continue to lure the trout and bluefish to the pier.  On Tuesday evening, several anglers caught their limit of both trout and blues.

June  4 - 10  - Trout, Blues and Shad still biting well at night.  By day, anglers are catching a few flounder, some tautog, small sea bass and blowfish.

June 11 - 16  - After a couple of slow days, the seatrout are trying to make a comeback.  On Monday night, J.J. "fish slayer" Tozzi caught his limit of keeper trout in one hour.   Later in the week, trout action was sporadic.  Only a few larger blues were mixed in with the trout.

June 17 - 21  - Flounder fishing really picked up in the day time. Although there were 50 per cent throwbacks (under the legal size limit of 15�"), there were many keepers as well. There were also plenty of small sea bass for the kids to catch using little pieces of squid or worms on size #6 hooks. 
Thursday night saw the first croaker from the Pier. A couple of croakers have been taken every night since. The trout fishing was good over the weekend, although the bite was late - after 11 o’clock. Friday night saw lots of bluefish action. Saturday saw mostly trout.

June 22 - 30  - Jay-Jay reports lots of flounder action for anglers using combination baits of live minnows and squid or shiners and squid. Saturday night was slow, but earlier in the week saw some nice trout catches; however, again the “bite” was late. Got-cha Plugs are still working best at night. The tide this week should be favorable for seatrout, with the incoming water occurring after dark.

July 1 - 5   -  Lots of flounder, even on the windy days. Many of these flounder were �keepers.� The outgoing tide has been slightly better than the incoming tide this week. Live minnows or frozen shiners with a strip of squid has been the ticket on the pier. Sea trout fishing at night has been very good on the whole. Although fishing slowed up on Thursday and Friday nights because of the southwest wind, it rebounded on Saturday night with good-sized trout. There was also a 30-inch striper taken on a live minnow.

July 6 - 11  -  There were a couple of legal stripers taken from the pier this past week. One 30-incher was taken on a live minnow on Thursday.  There was very good flounder fishing this past week, mostly on the incoming tide. The trout bite was only fair and it was late at night when few anglers were fishing. You need to get that incoming water after dark for good trout fishing on the Pier. Starting Tuesday, the bite should be excellent.

July 12 - 18  - Although Wednesday and Thursday nights saw good trout fishing on the Pier, Friday night was excellent for sea trout with well over 300 fish caught. Saturday night, though good, saw fewer fish caught. The fish were running smaller this week, with only one in five being a keeper. By day, the Pier had good catches of flounder on both the high incoming and the high outgoing tide, with a good number of keepers. There was also a run of croaker on Friday night for anglers using bait.

July 19 - 25  - J. J. reports a lot of flounder caught all week long. The incoming and the outgoing tide were producing, but the last of the incoming tide was the best. There were also plenty of sea bass and Norfolk spot for the kids to catch. A few croakers came through, but they were unpredictable. Trout fishing at night was only fair this past week. The bite only lasted about an hour and a half over the weekend because most of the tide was over by the time darkness fell. This week should see excellent trout fishing.

July 26 - 31  -  The Pier reports a real good week on flounder. The later part of the week included runs of croaker as well. The flounder bit live minnows or frozen shiners combined with a strip of squid on the same hook. The croakers like a squid strip or combination bait of bloodworm and squid strip on a size #6 or #4 hook. The trout fishing at night was excellent during the later part of the week. The trout were just legal (14 inches) with a few running 18 to 20 inches. J. J. expounds that the water was crystal clear on Saturday night and that he caught and released 20 trout in an hour. It was some of the best trout action he has seen all summer. 

August 1  -  8  -  The Pier reported slow trout fishing at night this week, fair flounder fishing during the day, but lots of action for kids on sea bass, triggerfish, small tautog, and spot. This coming week should again be a good week for night fishing from the Pier -- the tides will be right!!!

August  9 -  15  - Good fishing this week with lots of croakers and a decent amount of flounder (but fewer keepers).  Trout fishing at night was excellent with many of the trout caught over 20 inches. There were scattered blues as well. Got-cha Plugs, small jig heads with twisters, and spec rigs were all working on the pier this week.

August  16  -  22  -  Lots of flounder this week - some were small and some were good-sized keepers in the 20-inch range. There was also a lot of croaker and small bluefish action.  At night, the fishing was good on sea trout and snapper blues, although on some nights the water was so crystal clear that anglers had a hard time enticing the sea trout to bite.

August  23 - 31  - Flounder fishing was good this past week, although few were keepers. There were lots of croaker to catch, small sea bass, blowfish, and small snapper blues. The nighttime trout fishing slowed up during the middle of the week due to the influx of small blues and shad. Friday night was excellent on sea trout, while Saturday night was fair. All in all, fishing was good. There was always something to catch.

September 1 - 6  - The Pier reported a lot of flounder on Sunday with a few keepers. Tom Kiefer of Fairfield, PA weighed in a 2-pound plus flounder he caught on a live minnow on Saturday. There was a 24-inch speckled trout taken on Saturday and a good number of croaker and small bluefish. During the week, the action was slow except a large number of dusky and sand sharks, skates, and eels. The weekend saw a few trout taken on the outgoing tide at night.

September 7  -  13   - Once the water cleared up from the rain last Tuesday from Hurricane Dennis, the Pier reported lots of flounder during daylight hours. The Pier also reported a good number of nice trout at night under the lights, along with loads of  shad and small bluefish.  We'll have to wait and see what effect Hurricane Floyd has on local fishing until next weeks report.

September  14  -  20  - The Pier reported some flounder this week, fair trout fishing trout at night, and lots of snapper blues earlier in the week.

September  21 - 28    -  The Pier reported loads of snapper blues in the 12/13 inch-range. Good-sized flounder fishing picked up towards the end of the week once the water cleared up from Tuesday�s downpour.  There were some nice trout taken on Friday and Saturday nights on the incoming tide on Got-cha Plugs. The Pier also reported triggerfish caught on squid strips and tautog taken on sand crabs and green crabs.

September  29  -  October  3   -   Great fishing this week! The night fishing on the pier was excellent. Snapper bluefish were biting every day on shiners, squid, minnows, cut mullet, or little spoons. These fish have been all over the bay for days. Although flounder fishing slowed, the pier reported quite a few triggerfish on squid strips and excellent trout fishing over the weekend.

October 4 - 10  - Fishing was good on the Pier for snapper blues and trout at night over the weekend. There were also a couple of big stripers caught last week. During the day, the action is mostly snapper blues and sea bass.

October  11 - 25   - The Pier continues to report lots of action on small bluefish and sea bass. Also, trout fishing at night under the lights was good over last weekend, with an occasional striper. There's still plenty of good fishing left before it starts getting colder; so .... Come on down!!!

November ---  Although the Pier is now only open on weekends, there is still some good fishing going on, according to Rich!  The trout fishing has slowed down a bit; however, it has been more than made up for by the bluefish and tautog (blackfish) action.  Tog fishing has been particularly good over the past couple of weeks using sand fleas.  Also, on Friday night, one Pier angler caught a 10lb, 30" striper!

As long as you're here, check out the fishing reports from previous years , so you can see what to expect ... and when to expect the action to start.









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