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May  3  -  J..J. reports that the pier is now open and that anglers are catching fish. Starting on Friday afternoon, anglers caught a lot of big blues in the 20-26-inch size range. They were biting anything: squid, mullet, or lures.  There were also some shad caught and released on spec rigs and other small lures. And there were skates.

May  9  -  J.J. reported good fishing until Friday. Anglers were catching blues and shad all week with spec rigs and Got-cha Plugs. On Friday anglers caught skates, sharks, and a few blues and shad. Saturday was very slow because of the weather. On Sunday, a few more blues and shad starting biting again. Lots of skates were biting all week, a few puffer fish, one short flounder was caught and released, and two small stripers were released over the week.

May 16  -  J.J. reports anglers catching tons of shad and blues from the Pier all week. He also reports that it has been the best tautog year he's ever seen, including a couple of 20-inchers. Only two keeper flounder so far along with some throwbacks.  We've also had a few short stripers, one coming in at 27".  All in all, it was a great week for fishing at the pier!

May  23  -  J.J. reports tons of shad and snapper blues from the Pier again this week. Anglers were catching them on spec rigs and  Got-cha
Plugs as well as mullet bait for the blues.  He also says tautog fishing
was excellent again this week. He only had a few trout and flounder, and had some stripers that "broke off." Another 27-incher was released. J.J. predicts they'll be some trout action this week if the weather cooperates.

May  30  -  J.J. reports lots of shad and snapper blues from the Pier again this week.  He also says tautog fishing was good again this week. He had trout action on Friday and Saturday nights; one man had 6 keepers. He also says that the flounder fishing has picked up and some keepers were caught this week.

June  6  -   J.J. reports lots of shad and snapper blues from the Pier along with numerous short stripers. The blues keep on biting because the water temperature has remained relatively cold. He says there has been a
few trout at night and a few flounder during the day. Tautog are still biting during the day. If the water temperature rises a bit this week as expected, the trout action should improve. 

June  13  -  J.J. reports lots of snapper blues and some shad from the Pier this week. Although the shad and blues are slowing down a bit, we're catching lots of short stripers in the 20-27 inch range, some flounder, and trout.  One man had 8 keeper trout in the 14-16 inch range one night this week.  Flounder fishing is also picking up; one angler had 3 keepers and another had 2 keepers this week. In addition, the tautog are still hitting, surprisingly. One guy had five tog between 15 and 19 inches within a span of 5 hours.

June  20  -  J.J. reports a lot of snapper blues, some shad and one 34-inch 9-pound sea trout from the Pier this week. The sea trout was caught on a jig head with a plastic body.  Blues have continued to be good at night and some during the day, but trout fishing has been slow. He says flounder fishing has definitely picked up this week and that there are still some tautog around although it is slowing up.  There have also been small sea bass for the kids to catch and release.

June  27  -  J.J. reports a lot snapper blues, some shad, and a few sea trout at night. He says there's some nice stripers but very few keepers. Flounder fishing picked up Sunday afternoon. More good news ... croaker in the 8 to 12 inch range are biting any kind of cut bait, bloodworms, or the new Fishbite Bloodworms.  The tautog fishing has slowed down a lot but there are still little sea bass for the kids to catch.

July  11  -  There's been plenty of fishing action this week.  J.J. reports a good week on croaker ... mostly biting at night on any kind of cut bait or worms. Anglers are also still catching blues and shad at night with lures. There have been some flounder caught, except for the couple of  days it was raining and windy As always, there's sea bass for the kids to catch and release.  J.J. also mentioned that there has been some good striper fishing from the sea wall at night with live eels.

July  18  -  J.J. reports a good week on trout from the pier. "At least it's the best week for us this year," says J.J. "They were not big. Two men had 15 between them and the largest one went 15-inches. But they were keepers and they were trout!" J.J. says anglers are using Got-cha Plugs and Spec Rigs for the trout, blues, and shad they are catching at night. The incoming tide at night is what you want for these fish.  There has also been some good croaker action, but it is sporadic. They are catching flounder from the pier; however, they are running small.  As always this time of year, there are lots of little sea bass for the kids to catch and release.

July  25  -  J.J. reports that of a lot of fish were caught on the pier this week: flounder, croaker, blues, and little sea bass. Also, the sea trout action at night has been good for the last few nights. One angler had 9 keepers out of 23 caught. In addition, some very nice stripers have been taken from the Ocean City Inlet sea wall at night on live eels. J.J. caught one himself that went 41-inches. An hour before high tide is the best time to try
for the stripers.

August  1  -  J.J. reports a good week on fishing, especially for croaker, both day and night. There's also a lot of flounder but most of them are "short."  Plenty action for the kids: little sea bass, spot, sea robins, and star gazers. At night, there's snapper bluefish and some trout.

August  8  -  J.J. reports another good week of fishing on the pier. He says anglers are catching flounder and croaker by day, and croaker, blues, and some trout at night. He had one trout that measured 31-inches. Anglers are using Got-cha Plugs and spec rigs at night.  By day, anglers are using minnows and squid or shiners and squid combos for the flounder. The croaker are hitting just about anything. The kids continue catching spot and little sea bass with bloodworms or FishBite Bloodworms.

August  15  -  J.J. reports a lot of fish!!! A lot of croaker and flounder were caught this week with quite a number of the flounder being keepers. There has also been a decent amount of trout and blues at night. Come on down and join the fun!

August  22  -  J.J. reports good flounder fishing from the pier ... a lot of small ones, but about 10 percent keepers (which is actually a good percentage these days!)  The shad have come back at night along with lots of snapper blues and some trout.  We had two large trout one night this week that went 31-inches... plus a "keeper" striper.

August  29  -  J.J. reports another good week on flounder and croaker. One man had an 8.1 pound, 23-inch flounder along with another 23-inch flounder! There's also small blues at night along with shad and a few trout.

September  12  -  Paul reports there have been quite a few keeper flounder this week along with one keeper striper. He added that the croaker have thinned out this week; however, at night there's been some blues and keeper trout up to 20-inches.

September  19  -  Paul reports a few flounder this past weekend along with a few keeper trout on Saturday during the day on the outgoing tide. At night, anglers have been catching blues, shad, and some trout.

September  26  -  Paul reported they surprisingly had a couple nice kingfish caught on the pier on Sunday morning and some keeper flounder. He says at night anglers are catching snapper blues and sea trout in the late evening. Paul said his son caught three trout, 16-18 inches, one night last week.

October  3  -  J.J. reports a really good week on the pier, except for the couple days it was very windy. There were a lot of flounder caught with a decent amount of "keepers" with a few being in the 20-inch range.  There were small snapper blues through out the day and blues and trout at night. He says it was probably their best week on trout with some of them in the 18-20 inch range. Anglers at night use Got-cha Plugs and Spec Rigs. J.J. also notes that the tautog fishing is picking up near the end of the pier.

October  10  -  J.J. reports a good week of fishing, except for the couple days of windy, rainy weather. He says there have been some blues and trout at night, with a couple especially nice sized trout. By day, the fare is flounder. He says some big ones were caught on live spot; one came in at 24" on Tuesday night. Now that the summer season is over the Pier is open Thursday through Sunday from 8 A.M. until midnight.

October  17  -  J.J. reports some tautog, a few flounder, and a couple bluefish .... but no trout.  On Saturday night one angler caught and released a 26-inch striper on a spec rig. Now that the summer season is over, the Pier is open Thursday through Sunday from 8 A.M. until midnight.

October  24  -  J.J. reports some good flounder fishing on Sunday, the
only day they opened the pier this week. (The weather was so bad on Friday
and Saturday that they decided not to open.) One couple had two "keeper"
flounder. Another two guys had 5 keeper tautog. There were a lot of bluefish ... and, even some trout on Sunday. The pier will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday next weekend, weather permitting.

November  1  -  J.J. reports a few "keeper" flounder on Saturday. Only a couple people were fishing on Sunday and all they were catching were sharks. Depending upon conditions, the Pier may be open next weekend. 
Come on Down !!!

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