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April 19  -  The water temperature has been cold since the pier opened in mid-April.  This week, we've only seen some skates being caught! 
The fishing will undoubtedly improve quickly, as soon as the water temperature rises a few degrees.

April  26  -  J.J. reports that the action during most of the week was skates and some blowfish. Nighttime action improved when a good run of shad hit the pier on Saturday night around midnight.  Unfortunately, many of our anglers had already left for the evening. If the water temperature comes up by a few degrees ( and it should by this weekend), the flounder action is sure to improve .... and, maybe even the first blues will visit the pier!

May  3  -  J.J. reports that fishing picked up from last week.  There were no flounder this week, but there was shad action mixed in with bluefish. The shad were biting during the incoming tide during the day and the outgoing tide at night. Some blues were also mixed in. A couple of anglers on the pier reported catching and releasing four small trout this week as well. The tides are good this week and we expect to see more and more action.

May  10  -  J.J. reports hundreds of shad, almost every night. Some nights there were a few blues mixed in.  Thursday night there were 30 "short" sea trout mixed in. There were a few nice blues caught, and a few stripers in the 18 to 25 inch range. One "keeper" striper was lost while trying to net it. During the day anglers caught shad, a few bluefish, and a lot of skates; however, still no flounder this week from the pier.

May  17  -  Chris reports one keeper striper (over 11 pounds)was caught on a got-cha plug this week.   There were lots of shad, some nice tautog from the end of the pier, a lot of skates, and some trout. Flounder catches were few; however, one angler from New Jersey caught an 18 1/2 inch flounder over the weekend.

May  24  -  J.J. reports lots of shad at night along with more bluefish and trout. Friday night late was especially good. There were a couple 18 inch trout along with 10-15 keeper trout. Some stripers are also caught on the pier at night, but most are undersized; however, one angler was "spooled" by a big striper.
During the day, the pier is seeing a few flounder (2 keepers on Sunday) and a lot of skates. Blues and shad also come through occassionally during the day.

May  31  -  J.J. reports lots of shad at night mixed in with some bluefish and a few trout. Some stripers are also being caught on the pier at night, but most are undersized. Anglers are using Got-cha Plugs or spec rigs at night. By day, anglers are using shiners or minnows with squid strips during the day for blues and flounder.

June  7  -  J.J. reports that the flounder fishing really picked up this week starting on Monday. Most of them were "short" but there was a lot of action. A couple guys caught a dozen with one being a "keeper." There were also a load of nice bluefish caught this week along with a lot of shad and a couple trout. Several anglers limited out on bluefish on Thursday and Friday evenings  Last, but not least, there were two legal sized stripers caught from the pier this week. There were also a couple tautog reported, and surprisingly ... a lot of two foot dog sharks!

June  14  -  J.J. says that fishing on the pier has been hit or miss during the day with flounder. There's been little sea bass for the kids to catch and a few tautog are being caught. Bluefish come by periodically during the day.
At night the action has been shad, bluefish, and some nights, sea trout. Blue fishing was great on some nights!  Some anglers did excellent on the blues on chartreuse colored curltails. Others reported doing great with Got-cha Plugs.  Good incoming tides should make for good night fishing this week.

June  21  -  J.J. reports decent flounder fishing from the pier this week. Several "keepers" were caught. At night there were a few nice trout around mixed in with a good number of shad and blues.  By day, mixed in with the flounder, have been sting rays, skates, and  little sea bass for the kids to "catch and release."

June  28  -  J.J. reports a lot better flounder fishing this week.  He says there's a lot of action on flounder with a couple "keepers" here and there. At night there were more trout this week, but a slight decline in the blue and shad catches.

July  5  -  J.J. reports a good amount of flounder this week with a decent amount of keepers. The pier also saw the first croakers this week.  At night, there are still a few shad, a decent amount of blues and an increase in trout.  Along with the croaker, there have been lots of little sea bass for the kids to catch.

July  12  -  J.J. reports a lot of flounder this week with some keepers. The pier also saw some croakers, sea robins, and bluefish. "All in all it was a very good week!"  At night there's a good amount of blues and trout.   Anglers are catching the trout and blues on Got-cha Plugs, spec rigs, and 4-inch curltail grubs on lead heads.

July  19  -  J.J. reports that fishing this week was much the same as last week. He reports that flounder fishing was good. There were a few trout and bluefish at night.  There were also croaker and little sea bass for the kids to catch during the day. J.J. adds that this week will see a good tide for night fishing.

July  26  -  J.J. reports a great week of fishing.  He reports that there were a lot of flounder and some of them were good-sized.  He weighed in one that went 10 pounds and was 29- 3/4 inches long. There were trout and bluefish at night caught mostly on Got-cha Plugs and spec rigs.  Only Saturday night fishing was quite disappointing; it was windy and raining.
J.J. also noted that there has been a lot of croaker on the low tide, especially at night. And that there are sea bass, a few spot, and sea robins for the kids to catch during the day with little hooks baited with worms or

August  2  -  J.J. reports a great week of fishing for
flounder.On Sunday afternoon, the fish were even biting during a rain storm. Two guys had three keepers between them.  He also reports tons of small flounder all week with a few 17,18, and 19 inchers here and there. However,  none were as big as the 10 pounder caught on a spec rig last week. At night there were a lot of bluefish in the 8 to 12 inch range (a 14-inch blue is considered a large one now). Trout was slow early in the week but should pick up this week as the tide is even better for night fishing. J.J. also noted that striper fishing is picking up on the Sea Wall for anglers using live eels.

August  9  -  J.J. reports another great week of fishing for flounder. He had one man limit out with a 24-inch, a 19-inch and a 20-inch flounder. J.J. says there are a lot of short flounder and lots of small fish for the kids to catch including, silver perch, sea bass, croaker, sea robins, and toad fish. At night the action was slow on trout this week but good on flounder and bluefish. There were also reported a few stripers at the inlet this
week, but nothing exceptional.

August  -  J.J. reports good fishing this week. He says there's a lot of flounder, a couple croaker, and lots of small fish for the kids to catch. At night there are blues and the trout fishing picked up this week. Anglers are catching the blues and trout mostly on  Got-cha Plugs and spec rigs.

August  23  -  J.J. reports another good week of fishing. He says there were some nice flounder, a ton of undersized flounder, and three flounder over 23 inches reported. The wind on Saturday hurt the fishing but there was still some fish being caught.  He says there's small blues and small sea bass for the kids to catch. At night there are blues and J.J. expounds that the trout fishing was excellent a couple nights. One man caught 29 sea trout with about half of them being legal.  Many of the trout are small but there has been lots of action at night.

August  30  -  J.J. reports another good week of fishing on the pier. There were some nice flounder, a decent amount of trout at night with a couple of them "good-sized."  He says there's lots of blues and small sea bass and a few spot for the kids to catch. Anglers are catching the blues and trout at night on  Got-cha Plugs, spec rigs, and 4-inch curltail grubs on lead heads.

September  6  -  J.J. reports yet another good week of fishing. He says there were a lot of trout, blues, and flounder. He notes that even in the wind and rain on Sunday, there were six keeper flounder caught in the 16 to 22-inch range. He says the blues are running in the 13 to 14-inch range. J.J. states that the trout are picking up steadily at night. One night everyone got their limit which rarely happens. He does say that none of the trout are over 16-inches and some nights they are sporadic.

September  20  -  J.J. reports that flounder fishing was great all week until the wind came howling in on Saturday. He was surprised that a few flounder were being caught on Sunday, despite the weather, with one being a "keeper." Guys on the pier were throwing out into the inlet on Sunday and catching big sharks as well. Prior to the weekend winds, the blues and trout fishing was good, mostly at the end of the incoming tide.

September  27  -  J.J. reports that there were a lot of blues, trout and flounder caught this week. Not too many were big ones, he noted, but there were lots of fish! Hopefully, the fall striper run will begin shortly.

October  4  -  J.J. reports that fishing has been good on the pier except for the three days of windy weather. On those days, he said anglers caught lots of sharks and skates. He notes that sharks only seem to bite when the water is "messed up." He says there's been a lot of small blues in the 10 to 14-inch size range. Flounder have been decent with a couple of nice keepers. Friday night, one angler had 9 keeper trout between 14 and 19 inches. A few triggerfish and a couple of tautog have also been caught from the end of the pier.

October  11  -  J.J. reports that a couple of nice flounder were caught on Saturday. One went 26 inches and another went 22 inches. There were a couple other nice "keepers" during the week with the usual small flounder as well. There were lots of snapper bluefish caught on the pier both day time and night time. There were some decent trout caught running from "small" to 22 inches.  There were also some "short" stripers caught in the 22 to 23-inch range with one estimated 40-incher that was lost when the anglers tried to net it.  In addition, a couple of tautog were reported from the end of the pier.  As always, there are plenty of small fish for the kids to catch on the Pier.... sea bass, small snapper blues, sea robins, and blowfish. You can use squid or worms for these.

October  18  -  J.J. reports that they are now only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. This past weekend they had a lot of blues and trout despite the wind and rain. There were some flounder caught by day, but not that many people were fishing for them. Two of our regulars on the pier, Lee Riley from Ocean City and Bob Haltmeier from New Jersey, caught and released about 100 blues on Sunday night! 

As long as you're here, check out the fishing reports from previous years , so you can see what to expect ... and when to expect the action to start.









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