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April 20  -  The weather has been cold, windy and uncooperative since the pier opened on April 15.  We did have a few anglers give it a try last week.  There was one really nice  catch:  a 33" red drum was caught on Wednesday at the end of the outgoing tide.  Otherwise, just one short striper and a couple of skates.
The fishing will undoubtedly improve quickly, as soon as the water temperature rises a few degrees.

April  27  -  J.J. reports that the action during the day was mostly skates and sharks. Nighttime action has been some small rockfish with one  big rockfish getting away before a net could be found Saturday night.  If the water temperature comes up by a few degrees ( and it should by Wednesday), the striper and flounder action is sure to improve ....maybe even the first blues will visit the pier!

May  5  -  The Bluefish are here!!!  Check out the pictures on our Memorable Catches page.
J.J. reports that hundreds of bluefish were caught on Thursday night. They were big ones, in the 20 to 30 inch range. The blues came back again on Friday on both the outgoing tide in the daytime, as well as the incoming tide at night,  Everyone on the pier caught their limit!  Though some blues were still caught on Saturday night, fishing  slowed due to the cold front that came in. There have also been plenty of shad and blowfish, in addition to  skates, and some large sand sharks.

May  12  -  Richard reports big blues in the 5 to 10 pound range after dark this week and weekend. Most were caught on the incoming but some were caught on the outgoing. He reports no flounder, a couple trout, and small stripers in the 12-18 inch range, one keeper striper, and a couple tautog. There have been sharks, skates, and lots of blowfish as well. He says anglers are using mullet and squid during the day and gotcha plugs at night. 

May  20  -  Richard reports mostly bluefish and shad last week. On Saturday night, despite the weather, they still had a couple of short stripers, a few nice blues, and a couple of trout, including a 33 inch, 13 pound seatrout caught by Larry Wilkes of Altoona, PA.  Sunday and Monday were more productive for bluefish in the outgoing tide during the day; however, on Monday night, a 33" striper was landed on the pier by Dave Sorflaten of Rock Hall, MD.  Most anglers are using mullet during the day and Gotcha Plugs at night.

May  26  -  J.J. reports some nice trout this past week. "Not great numbers, but good sized".  Chris Mason of Salisbury, MD landed a 32" trout from the pier on a Gotcha Plug Thursday night. There have been bluefish biting on both the incoming and outgoing tides this past week. The really good news is that the flounder started biting on the Pier. One man had 6 flounder with one "keeper." On Saturday night, a 22 inch flounder and a 21 inch trout were caught on Gotcha plugs.  Plus, there have been lots of shad, skates and blowfish, along with the snapper blues, to keep our anglers occupied.

June  2  -  J.J. reports a pretty good week for fishing at the pier.  The blues continue to blitz on both the outgoing and incoming tides.  Many anglers were limiting out regularly.  There were only a couple of trout and a few short stripers in the 16 to 27- inch range. There were also sharks, skates, a few flounder and still plenty of shad.

June  9  -  J.J. reports that there have still been a ton of bluefish, plus some nice trout taken. The Pier had trout up to 30 inches and bluefish up to 34 inches. Most of the blues have been in the 18 to 20 inch range. There were just a couple of keeper flounder, but it is definitely picking up.  There have also been several sharks caught on the pier, including a couple of angel sharks this week.

June  16  -  J.J. reports that there are still quite a bit of bluefish from the Pier and Inlet area. On the whole, the blues are running a little smaller now; however, a few big ones were reported. Sea trout are definitely picking up.  J.J. says the ones that are being taken are good sized. There were also a few flounder caught, along with some sharks. Anglers are using bait (shiners and mullet) for the bluefish and flounder. At night, most anglers use lures for the blues and trout. Got-cha Plugs, spec rigs and Storm lures are all working.

June  23  -  J.J. reports that fishing was a little slower this week. There were still some bluefish, always some shad and even a few short stripers at night. Although there are still only a few trout, the ones that are being caught are big.  Flounder fishing definitely picked up this week for anglers using minnows or shiners with strips of squid. Finally, "huge" sting rays have been striping the line off reels. 

June  30  -  J.J. reports that fishing was slow until Friday. There were still some bluefish, trout, and "short" stripers at night with Got-cha Plugs. Mid-week there was a little flurry of striper action on sand fleas during the day. However, on Friday, the flounder finally turned on. Friday evening saw 10 keeper flounder, more keepers than has been caught on the pier this year! The tides are good for night fishing this week and hopefully we'll be seeing more trout!

July  7  -  J.J. reports that fishing was hit or miss. One day would be decent on flounder, the next day would be slow. Friday night was excellent on sea trout; however, other nights were slow.  The pier saw their first croakers a couple of days ago, and amazingly 10 small amberjacks were caught (the first we've ever seen in Ocean City).  The bluefish have backed off now that the summer heat is here, but there's always some small sea bass for the kids to catch.

July  14  -  J.J. reports that they had some good days on flounder when just about everyone would catch a least a couple; but the winds on Saturday slowed things down. There have also been some good nights on trout; however, they were biting between 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning. A couple of anglers caught several trout in the 20 to 25-inch range. The tide should be good this week for earlier evening trout catches.
The pier also saw a few croaker, very few bluefish, lots of blowfish, eels, and some little sea bass.

July  28  -  J.J. reports that they had a decent amount of flounder early in the week. Then the wind messed the fishing up for both flounder and trout. The flounder started biting again on Thursday and Friday. The good news was that there were quite a few croaker on the pier in the 10-14 inch range. The end of the outgoing tide seemed to be the ticket for croaker. Anglers were using mostly squid. The croaker were also biting at night. One night anglers were catching them two at a time. There are also little sea bass for the kids to catch and release. J.J. hopes that this week will be good on trout as the tides are in their favor. (Incoming tide after dark.) J.J. also reports that some really nice stripers are still being caught from the Ocean City Inlet Sea Wall at night on live eels and lures. 

August  4  -  J.J. reports that it was a mixed week. Night fishing with lures was slow, (except for "short" stripers); but day and night fishing with bait was good on croaker and some flounder. The croakers come through in schools. Sometimes it is a slow pick and sometimes there is a blitz. The big news is the stripers that have been biting off the Ocean City Sea Wall for a solid three weeks with live eels. Almost every night someone catches a 40 incher!

August  11  -  J.J. reports that fishing this week was  similar to last week. Flounder fishing by day picked up, with one customer having 3 keepers on Saturday. Croaker have been scattered throughout the day and night time hours for anglers using bait including bloodworms, squid, and shrimp. Fishing with lures at night have produced some "short" stripers, a few scattered blues, but very few sea trout. Some flounder are also biting at night along with the croakers on bait. There are the usual small fish for the kids to catch during the day such as blowfish and little sea bass. J.J. again points out that stripers continue biting off the Ocean City Sea Wall, but may have slowed up just a little this week. Anglers are primarily using live eels.

August  18  -  Croaker fishing was the big news from the Oceanic Pier. J.J. says that the croaker fishing was especially good this past week at night. He says that there were a couple nights that anglers were catching 2 at a time. One man had three 17 inchers. There were a couple trout here and there, and surprisingly, a few shad. There was a decent amount of flounder there during the day, but not too many "keepers, maybe two per day.   Tautog are also biting in our colder-than-usual water from the corner of the pier near the Sea Wall. And, last but not least, the "striper bite" is still on at the Ocean City Sea Wall. "It's been pretty consistent!" says J.J.

September  1  -  J.J. reports a pretty good week of fishing. There were a good amount of flounder caught along with more "keepers." The croaker continued to come and go with a couple measured in at 17 and 18 inches -  around 2 pounds!  The larger ones are being taken at night. Friday night, especially, saw several large croaker. There has been occasional trout and shad, along with more snapper blues. Surprisingly, there has been a decent amount of kingfish (whiting) on the pier as well. J.J. says they plan to stay open 24 hours a day this week, and by next week they will either close at midnight or after the high tide. Although the Pier  closed early last year, due to road construction, they  hopes to stay open through October (and maybe November) this year.

September  8  -  J.J. reports a very good week of fishing. The incoming tide at night saw an impressive combination of trout in the 13 to 16-inch range, blues, flounder and croaker. By day anglers did well on flounder and croaker.  Also, there's still stripers being caught off the sea wall with live eels and Storm lures, but not as many as two weeks ago.

September  15  -  J.J. reports some flounder action, as well as some snapper blues this past week.  Also, tautog were biting on the ocean corner of the Pier.

October  6  -  Richard reports lots of 11 to 12-inch bluefish, one nice 20 inch flounder, quite a few tautog on Saturday, and several nice trout during the week. However, Saturday night was just too windy to have any decent fishing. He saw some nice stripers coming off the North Jetty and Sea Wall this week. Anglers fishing there are using lures such as Storm and Tsunami soft bodies, live eels, live spot and even sand fleas. 

October  13  -  Richard reports snapper blues, some flounder, sharks, skates, and some pretty good tautog action for anglers casting towards the sea wall on the left hand corner. One "keeper" trout was reported on Sunday.

November  3  -  J.J. reports good tautog fishing along with lots of small bluefish. The pier is now open on weekends only.  Come on down .... catch some tog!

November  10  -  J.J. reports striper action Saturday night along with some tautog and bluefish action during the day. (The pier is still open, but only on weekends now.) He reports that on Saturday night four people landed 7 or 8 "short" stripers in the 24 to 25 inch range. Four larger ones got away.

As long as you're here, check out the fishing reports from previous years , so you can see what to expect ... and when to expect the action to start.









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