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April - The pier is now open!!!!  Although the weather has been a bit cold and rainy, the first bluefish are starting to show up. There's also plenty of shad to keep you busy!

May 8  -  The Pier reported that anglers started catching sea trout on Thursday night on Got-cha Plugs. Five anglers had a total count of 20-30 trout that night. Most were small and were released. A few were keepers up to 20 inches. Saturday night was slower though some nice fish were caught. Over the week four �keeper� flounder were caught at night with lures (Got-chas or bucktails.) One flounder went over 3 pounds. By day the pier has had catches of bluefish on mullet, some blowfish, lots of skates, some sand sharks, a few sea bass, and a few flounder.

May 15  -  The Pier reported lots of bluefish running up to 24 inches.  They have been biting during the daytime and nighttime. �Mullet rigs� and whole finger mullet seem to work best during the day. The Pier also reported some trout, and a flurry of �short� stripers earlier in the week. 
Flounder fishing by day is still rather slow on the pier, probably due to the numerous bluefish in the water. Lots of skates and rays were also around. The tides should be better for sea trout this week!

May 22  -  The Pier reported slow action Thursday and Friday nights, but excellent action on blues and shad Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Saturday night was good on blues and shad, with some trout mixed in.  By day, there has been some flounder and blues. By day, the blues are being taken on either bait (shiners or mullet) or lures. At night, lures are the ticket. (Double-tied twisters, bucktails, and Got-cha Plugs.) There have also been quite a few �short� stripers this week between the sizes of 20 and 24 inches.

May 29  -  J.J. reports that the pier had some of the best fishing they have seen. The tides didn�t seem to matter this weekend. In fact, the fish were biting better on the outgoing than on the incoming. Anglers just had to get there after dark and fish Got-cha Plugs. By day, the pier had some flounder and sporadic bluefish catches. During the daylight hours, the blues were taking mullet or shiners.

June 5  -  The Pier reported trout at night earlier in the week (Monday and Tuesday) and lots of shad and blues later in the week. There were also quite a few stripers taken, but only a few keepers. One 15-pound striper was taken mid-week.
Even a few flounder were caught at night on lures. Anglers were using either Got-cha Plugs or one-quarter ounce white spec rigs. By day, the action has been bluefish, a few more flounder, and some spot.

June 12  -  The Pier reports some large trout this week. Saturday night, the trout and bluefish bit on the outgoing tide. Bob Haltmeier of Pennington, N.J. caught a 4 pound 12 ounce trout from the Oceanic Pier Friday night. He was using a one-quarter ounce white spec rig. Got-cha Plugs are the other �hot ticket� on the pier. This week, the tides should be excellent for night fishing ...an incoming high tide after dark. During the day, the pier saw a few flounder, sea bass for the kids to catch, and a couple of spot.

June 19   -   The Pier reported excellent catches of trout, blues, and shad all week, although Saturday night was a bit slow. Trout up to 6 pounds have been taking chartreuse colored spec rigs and red and white colored Got-cha Plugs. The larger trout have been hitting on the beginning of the outgoing tide. Some good-sized flounder have also been biting at night on shiner and squid combinations. By day the fare is a few flounder, some blues, and some spot and seabass for the kids to catch. The better action is definitely at night!

June 27  -  The Oceanic Pier reported unpredictable fishing at night this week. They had good fishing on Monday and Tuesday, slow on Wednesday, and good on Thursday and Friday nights. Got-cha Plugs and spec rigs are working there at night. Jay-Jay exclaims that once the tide has come in for about an hour, the water clears up, and the fish begin to bite. Daytime fishing on the Pier was much better on flounder this week. There were also lots of seabass and spot for the kids to catch. Use bloodworms, nightcrawlers, bait shrimp, or little pieces of squid on little #6 or #8 hooks for the kids.

July 4  -  Flounder fishing definitely picked up this week. The Pier reported good night fishing for seatrout early in the week, but slower later in the week. However, the daytime bait fishing greatly improved with catches of flounder, sea bass, and croaker.

July 10  -  J.J. reports that trout and bluefishing at night has been good this week. He also comments that flounder fishing has been good although the larger percentage of fish have been throwbacks. By day there have also been lots of little fish such as sea bass for the kids to catch.

July 17  -  The Pier reports lots of croakers coming through on Thursday and Friday on the incoming tide. Fewer croakers were taken on Saturday but there were lots of small flounder. J.J. expounds that anglers are catching a lot of fish, though only a few of the flounder have been keepers. There are croaker, spot, and small sea bass for the kids to catch. At night the action has been sea trout. Night fishing for trout was good all week but slowed up over the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights.) We have good trout fishing tides this week. Incoming tide after dark is best. Stop by the Pier just after dark and you should catch some fish. Use Got-cha Plugs, double tied twisters, Fin-S Fish lure bodies, bucktails, Rattle traps, or Spec Rigs.

July 24  -  Chad from Oyster Bay Tackle fished the Oceanic Pier Saturday night and reported good trout fishing. "We nailed the trout!" exclaims Chad. "Anglers were using Got-cha Plugs and Spec-rigs." Anglers also did well on Friday night on the trout. During the day the pier is seeing some flounder action, an occasional croaker run, some spot, and lots of little sea bass.

July 31  - The Pier reports some trout and blues at night on Got-cha Plugs and � ounce spec rigs. By day the fare has been some flounder, croaker, little sea bass, and spot.

August 7 -  The Pier saw some good night action with sea trout and snapper blues this week for anglers using spec rigs, Got-cha Plugs, and Fin-S Fish soft bodies. By day, the pier saw croaker, spot, some flounder action, and plenty of small sea bass.

August14  -  The Pier reported loads of croaker and a lot of small flounder this week.  Some keeper flounder were reported as well.  Trout fishing was good on the outgoing tide with catches up to 20 inches. The trout were taking Got-cha Plugs and spec rigs. Night fishing should be good this week because we have an incoming tide after dark. As usual, there were a few bluefish and a lot of little sea bass for the kids to catch.

August 21  -  The Pier reported good trout fishing at night with spec rigs and Got-cha Plugs. There was also a flurry of snapper blues and a lot of small flounder during the day. A few keeper flounder were also reported.

August 28  -  What a great fishing week!!!  The pier saw some great keeper flounder this past week (up to 6 pounds) on shiner/squid combos and/or live spot. Although the incoming tide was running late (after midnight), it was producing scores of keeper seatrout and bluefish for any anglers willing to put off some sleep. The trout were biting on � ounce chartreuse spec rigs and 4-inch tandem rigs with white curltail grubs. When the main action slacked off, there were also plenty of small seabass and sea robins to keep our anglers busy!

September 4  -  The Pier reports trout and snapper blues on Got-cha Plugs, spec-rigs, and double-tied curltail grubs. Chartreuse continues to be a good color in the spec-rigs. The best color on the Got-cha Plug is white body with a red head. (If you are fishing during the day, a black Got-cha Plug works well.) Curltail colors that are working are white, pearl, and chartreuse.

September 11  -  Once the wind subsided, all kinds of fishing broke loose. The Pier reports good trout fishing at night with Got-cha Plugs, spec rigs, and double-tied twisters. By day anglers are doing well with flounder; and, lots of small blues are biting by day and also at night.

September 18 -  Rich reports that the Pier did well on trout, shad and bluefish catches at night. The action by day was bluefish, sea bass, and flounder.  Tautog and Trigger Fish also started to bite this week.  This action should improve as the water gets a bit colder.

September 25  -  The Pier remains a good place to fish for flounder and bluefish by day, and trout and bluefish by night. Many flounder in the 3-4 lb range were caught this week on mullet or frozen shiners and squid strips.  The blues continue to bite well.  Although they are not big, they are biting day and night. Also. at night sea trout are biting on Got-cha Plugs, spec rigs, and double-tied curltail grub lures.

October 2  -  Despite the windy weather and dirty water conditions this weekend, Rich reports that the Pier still managed a few trout, plenty of snapper blues, and a few nice flounder.  There were also a couple of really nice tautog caught.

October 15  -  Rich reports lots of tautog, some triggerfish, small blues, some flounder and a few sea trout. The trout were biting better earlier in the week. (Sorry, the pier is not operating 24 hours this time of year. It will be closing at midnight!)


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